A new screenshot of Phoenix Point has been unveiled, showing what combat will look like in the upcoming turn-based strategy title.

As shown in the screenshot, you are able to target individual body parts which will have varying effects on the foe as well as different chances to hit. Additional details were shared by VG247 stating that using a particular tactic often will cause the creatures to mutate to counter them. In addition is the various weapon UI information going on, such as the range, damage, move and “ATR”. It also seems like you’ll be able to carry more than two weapons, as the hud shows two icons of what looks like a sniper rifle and a SMG in addition to your assault rifle.

Phoenix Point will be the first game developed by Snapshot Games which includes 1993 X-COM: Enemy Unknown creator Julian Gollop. It has been confirmed by Gollop to be a turn-based strategic title with a global tactical element to it. Phoenix Point has been further described by him as “an XCOM style of game with the modern presentation and tactical mechanics of the Firaxis reboot with an open world, strategic level reminiscent of the original X-COM”.

Further information of the title will be unveiled at E3 later this month. You can find more pictures of the monstrosities you’ll be introducing to gunfire on their Facebook or Twitter page.

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