A tweet from @PlatinumGames yesterday revealed a stunning piece of concept art for the upcoming sequel of Square Enix’s 2010 title, Nier. Here’s the tweet:

And a closer look at the beautiful (and probably more than a little tragic) scene:


Not much is known about the Nier Sequel which, as you can see, is called #NieRNewProject in the tweet rather than simply Nier 2 and Squenix said that the game is not going to be called Nier 2. Square Enix first announced the game was being developed by Platinum Games – most well known as the developers behind Bayonetta though they’re slated to have a very busy year with the upcoming releases of Star Fox Zero and Scalebound – at this year’s E3 and according to an article over at Polygon, the development team is pretty well stacked with talent from well-known Japanese game and character designers and musicians for the sequel. The team has credentials from games like Tactics Ogre, Bravely Default, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (another Platinum Games title) and, of course, the original Nier.

Platinum games, meanwhile, seems to have been chosen to bring their now-famous spin on action combat to the series, though Polygon reported that they will “respect for the original game’s combat.”

Square Enix’s Yosuke Saito also hinted that the game will be geared towards female fans of the series.

“Platinum Games’ titles, they’re very action-oriented and fast-paced,” Saito said. “A lot of people have this preconception that they’re hard to get into. We had many female fans of the first Nier, and we wanted to make an action game, but something that our female fans would really enjoy.”

The game will feature three protagonists – two of which, a young boy and girl, were revealed at E3 – and none of them are from the original game. Nier’s sequel can be seen as a continuation of the world, Square Enix reported, but any appearance of characters from the original game will be “just fan service.”

Square Enix is hoping to build off of a solid but flawed premise that was used to create the original Nier, which wasn’t overly well received. Still, it was something of a cult hit and enjoyed modest (though not exceptional) sales. The game’s director, Yoko Taro, likened the first game to your mother’s cooking. “It’s not great, but it’s ok. You’re comfortable with it.”

Taro went on to say, however, that the addition of Platinum Games to the mix could be just what the recipe calls for to make something truly delicious.

“But now we’re working with Platinum Games, and Yoshida and Okabe, and we feel we have these great ingredients now. Is it going to be too perfect? We have all these great chefs working together. Is it going to be missing that thing that made it so endearing to our fans? We think we’re just going to try it and see how it goes.”

No release date has been announced for the Nier sequel. More information is expected this fall.

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