A Story About My Uncle, the debut title from indie studio Gone North Games, will be released on May 28th for the PC.

The upcoming game – which is now available for preorder on Steam – is a non-violent, combat free, first-person platforming title centering around a child looking for his lost uncle, with the key mechanic of the title focusing on traversal through jumping and grappling through the environments.


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  1. Wow nice enviroments reminds me of a old game called dreams to reallity. Also that glove is from magrunner?

    Now wouldnt be nice making a sci fi fps in such enviroments with a similar spiderman grapple system and have various aliens in diffirent worlds?

    But you know gotta sell dem modern shooters with ak47s, man the game industry today has no ideas.

    Unreal, blood, duke nukem, condemned, all fps, all diffirent, now everything plays alike.

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