One of the VR experiences that I really wanted to learn more about and check out at E3 this year was Robinson: The Journey. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to set up an appointment, but it seems that a few outlets were able to and have uploaded some of the first off-screen gameplay footage of the game online.

The first video shows off some of the game’s climbing mechanics which are very reminiscent of Crytek’s recently released Oculus exclusive title, The Climb. You also get a good look at the game’s environments and some of the dinosaurs inhabiting the world of Robinson: The Journey. The second video shows off similar footage, but with a little bit more exploration of the environment.

Unfortunately for us English speakers, the videos are in another language so we can’t understand what the players are saying about the game, and the videos don’t really give us a good idea of how the game plays just yet. Hopefully Crytek will release more about Robinson: The Journey in the near future so we can learn a bit more about this very intriguing virtual reality title.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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