Naughty Dog is currently holding an AMA on Reddit to talk about the Last of Us and of course, everyone wants to know what’s next for the game. Currently Naughty Dog is working on the single player dlc that is included with the season pass for the game which includes three different dlc packs. According to Neil Druckman, the first news about DLC for The Last of Us should be arriving this month (August). Aside from the fact that “it’s coming” he didn’t go into further detail other than some characters will be returning.

Regarding development on the PS4, Bruce simply responds with, “what’s the PS4?”. So, going off of that it’ll probably be a while before we here anything concrete about their next project.

Stay tuned to OnlySP for more news to come out of the Reddit AMA with Bruce Straley and Neil Druckman from Naughty Dog.

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  1. Neil was asked when there would be news on DLC and he said this month. He did not say that the 1st DLC will be SP. They have announced that there will be 1 SP DLC and 2 MP DLCs. Personally, I think putting out a SP DLC when you can easily stall for time with 2 MP DLCs would be pretty foolish. Look what Irrational just did with BioShock Infinite. They put out some junky arena DLC to hold people off from selling the game until the story DLC comes out.

    So Nick, I think you are jumping to conclusions in assuming the DLC announcement will be story related.

    1. There was a separate question asking if the DLC was story related, let me go find the link and I’ll reply again.

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