The new gameplay trailer for the sequel to the 2010 “cult hit” Nier was released today, along with an actual title so we can stop calling it #NieRNewProject now. The new game is being called by NieR: Automata and you can check out the action-packed trailer below that practically screams Platinum Games, the new developer on the series.

The trailer shows one of the game’s three protagonists, a young blindfolded lady with curious fashion sense (well, this is a JRPG, so her fashion sense is probably par for the course) showing off some pretty very Platinum Games-esque moves. The stylish hack-and-slash action practically oozes Platinum Games’ famous style, so people who might have been afraid the famous developers of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance wouldn’t be leaving their mark on the game can rest easy.

There was also a write-up in this week’s Famitsu, as reported in an article over at Kotaku East, that detailed the plot thusly:

A distant future.

A sudden invasion by aliens.

And their weapons, “mechanical organisms.”

Against their overwhelming power,

humanity was driven from the Earth and fled to the moon.

In order to take back the Earth,

humanity created a resistance army of android soldiers.

And in order to end the military stalemate,

a new android

the battle infantry, the “YoRHa” unit, was sent into the field.

In an uninhabited world,

a fierce battle between machine weapons and androids,


opens a door of unknown truth…

The article also identified the protagonist in the trailer as an android called the YoRHa 2 Model: B. (or 2B for short). While androids in the game are said to have no emotion, each of the three main characters will have their own distinct personality. 2B, for example, is said to be the “rather cool and quiet model.”

You can check out the trailer below. In the meantime, make sure to keep checking back to Only Single Player for more information on NieR: Automata and other single player experiences and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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