Codemasters (F1 and Dirt series) is a veteran developer of the racing genre with the new gameplay trailer for GRID showcasing the studio’s prowess.

With high-octane action kicking off an arguably more cinematic reveal, the trailer drifts across multiple maps, both real and fictitious, featuring different times of day. No indications on a weather system appear, but the tracks range from roaming hillsides to city streets in a rather violent brawl to the finish. From epic crashes to embarrassing spinouts, GRID looks to be a gritty and hands-on experience.

The trailer makes its debut in a developer blog from community manager, Chris Groves, who describes the project as “a brand new chapter in the story of GRID—a game to reset expectations.” The hashtag #LikeNoOther has been cropping up across Codemasters social media to represent the game’s approach towards being a fresh take on the series and genre.

Players can form rivalries and call teammates for assistance to help relieve some of the pressure or zone in on foes. AI characters can react in a multitude of ways to each situation due to a clever personality system designed to breathe life into the other drivers.

GRID is available now for pre-order on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One with a version also arriving on Google Stadia in the future.

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Richard Flint
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