Blood Dragon

Do you like blowing things up to nauseating techicolour strobing and 80’s future-electro sounds?

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon looks to scratch your (rather bizarre) itch. And if you doubt that, watch the first fifteen minutes of gameplay for yourself right here!

It does seem like some pure, unadulterated fun.

Thanks, eaglesblades.

UDPATE: Video taken down.

UPDATE 2: Found two new videos by 30 whole minutes for you to enjoy.

UPDATE 3: Deleted again.

Fra Cry 3 : Blood Dragon – Gameplay Trailer 1 by Xboxlivefr

Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon – Gameplay Trailer 2 by Xboxlivefr

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  1. Blocked by Ubisoft!

  2. i already saw the gameplay…to be honest…kinda disappointed it was VERY linear (judging from the gameplay) and felt nothing like FC3 (or FC2 or even FC1) of course it looked pretty and i like the theme of it but i don’t think it should have the Far cry name because…its NOTHING like it. :/ still ill probably pick it up if its open world if not meh ill wait for it to be on sale for $5 on steam.

    1. yeahhhh picking up games for $5 on steam is the best =D

  3. Will you be posting about the hacking of uPlay to download and play this game?

    1. Probably not. If we did end up covering it, we wouldn’t detail how the hack was accomplished.

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