Straight from the nDreams Youtube channel and Gamescom itself today came a new extended gameplay video and five new screenshots of the upcoming VR adventure game, The Assembly.

The video, which you can watch below, is the first ever in-depth look at the gameplay of The Assembly. nDreams Senior Designer Jackie Tetley guides viewers through early chapters of the virtual reality adventure game.

Five new screenshots of the game were also released on the nDreams website along with the video. Check them out under the video embed below.

For the unfamiliar, The Assembly centers around the clandestine organization that goes by the same name, whose secret base in the Nevada desert plays host to morally-unclear experimentation. The game focuses on the interaction between and choices presented to Assembly scientist Cal Pearson and inductee, Madeleine Stone, both of whom are soon given a choice that can potentially shape the future of the world.

There is no right or wrong in this game, just two different perspectives on the same issue: when do, or for that matter can, the ends justify the means?

The Assembly is currently scheduled for release in 2016, specifically within or shortly after the launch windows of the VR platforms it is being developed for: Project Morpheus for PS4, Oculus Rift for PC, and HTC Vive for SteamVR.

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Cedric Lansangan

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