The Everspace 2 Kickstarter campaign just reached another huge milestone.

As of the time of this story’s publication, Everspace 2 has already reached a little less than EUR€250,000 – more than half its asking goal. Just yesterday in its first developer vlog, developer Rockfish Games was celebrating the €200,000 mark.

The update gives a few details on the game’s story mode and urges players to go back and play the first title.

The vlog starts by thanking the community for helping reach almost 50 percent funding in just over a week. With such an incredible start, Rockfish Games hopes to announce possible stretch goals in the near future.

While the original Everspace was a roguelike shooter, the second installment is more of an open-world RPG. The studio heavily suggests that the campaign will be a continuation of the story expansion released for Everspace.

Players will take control of an outcast and clone on the run from colonial agents. Cloning has been deemed illegal, and players must team up with fellow scoundrels to maintain a low profile. Several familiar faces will make a return in Everspace 2 with new faces showing up along the way as well.

The cutscenes and story beats will play out in the same comic-book style of the first game. Each frame is hand-drawn and animated into a gorgeous webcomic.

The update ends with the announcement of another vlog coming next week. In the meantime, players can check out several livestreams of Everspace 2 or ask questions on the game’s official Discord.

Until the end of the game’s Kickstarter campaign come Nov. 4, be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Also, be sure to join the discussion on the community Discord server.

Richard Flint
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