With the closure of Cavia back in 2010 the chances of a new NieR game seemed slim, making the announcement of a sequel at Square-Enix’s E3 conference quite the surprise. The initial tease indicated that Platinum Games would be developing the as yet untitled project, with Taro Yoko (director of the original game) back at the helm, but few other details. Since then, however, more information has been brought to light.

Although the new game features the same world setting as the previous, most of the areas that players visit during the course of play will be new, with any returning locations being completely redesigned. Similarly, any returning characters will play only a small role in the new game’s narrative, as the two stories are only loosely linked. Instead, the sequel will introduce three new playable characters: the girl in the trailer (embedded below), a young boy, and another as yet unannounced character. Reports currently suggest that players will not have the choice to switch between the three characters at will, with control being granted at particular points in the story. The theme of the game is said to be a Japanese word, “agaku”, which reportedly means to struggle/desperately fight your way out of a situation.

The gameplay is promised to resemble that of the previous title, being based around fighting with melee weapons, although some shooting elements are set to appear. Yoko and executive producer Yosuke Saito described the early build of the combat system as being very “Nier-like”. Furthermore, Platinum Games was selected due to their familiarity and excellence in producing games with fast-paced combat, as evidenced in Bayonetta and Vanquish, among other titles. Currently, the team is aiming to have the game running at 60FPS.

The new NieR title is currently in development for the PS4 (though exclusivity has not been confirmed) and is approximately 10% complete. Further details have been promised to be released in autumn, with no release window currently set.

OnlySP will be following the development of the new NieR title, so keep coming back for all the latest.

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