We’ve been calling for it for a while now, and Undead Labs is about ready to show off their first project, Class3. A competition on the Undead Labs forums has users forming Cells (groups of people) and doing a scavenger hunt to find a ton of items in the real world that will be found in the actual game. Every Cell who completes the challenge will have private access to a 30 second clip of the game before anyone else. However, while they will be the first to see it, Undead Labs will be posting it on their Youtube page just before they leave for PAX, where we assume we will finally get a good first look at the game. Here’s the direct quote from Sanya about the footage.

Every Cell that completes the challenge will receive private access to the exclusive Survivor video clip (about 30 seconds of in-game footage) no later than August 24th. (We’ll put it up for everyone to enjoy on our YouTube page before we head out for PAX.)


I can hear all you zombie fans cheering now through my monitor. Make sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know when the 30 second clip is posted.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

Class3 – “All your choices matter, and you must live with the consequences.”

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  1. Yeah first post can&#039t wait to see gameplay

  2. Yeah first post can't wait to see gameplay

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