If you’ve been wondering just how big of a game Firewatch is, a new interview on WCCFTech has revealed just that.

According to one of the developers of Firewatch, Nels Anderson, the game will reportedly take you around 5-6 hours of playtime to complete. That playtime can be extended, however, by visiting areas you’re not required to visit in the game, according to Anderson. Here’s the full quote:

It’s pretty hard to say since there’s actually quite a lot of “off the beaten path” areas in the game that players won’t have to visit. On average, I’d say maybe 5-6 hours … ? When I play it, it feels comparable to the length of a trilogy of movies or a TV mini-series.

A price point hasn’t been revealed for Firewatch just yet, but we’re anticipating it to be around $29.99. For those of us trying to finish the games we play this year and not add more games to our backlog, this sounds like the perfect amount of playtime for a mostly-linear narrative adventure.

If you missed the news yesterday, Gamingbolt reported that Firewatch is currently not planned for release on the Xbox One. On the PS4 the game will tout a 1080p resolution and 30fps, with the PC version obviously holding the highest specifications.

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Nick Calandra
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