Firewatch released a couple of weeks ago and it seems that copies have flown off the digital shelves. Developer Campo Santo have taken to Twitter to announce their delight as well as a promise of more games to come in the future.

One of our top 5 games to play this monthFirewatch follows the story of a fire lookout involved with some mysterious goings-on within a Wyoming National Forest following the Yellowstone Fires in the late 1980s. Dialogue is restricted to walkie-talkie discussions between the protagonist Henry and his supervisor Delilah, but this is where the game truly shines. Take a look at our review for a more detailed synopsis, or if you have already finished the game then cast your eyes over our narrative analysis and ending discussion – plenty for you to keep yourself busy with.

The Playstation 4 and PC title has clearly captured the imagination of its players, and with the success of Firewatch comes its own rewards for Campo Santo leading to bigger and possibly better games in the future from the California-based studio.

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Rhys Cooper

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