We’ve been waiting for this trailer since the game’s announcement earlier this year. We reported on what Firewatch was all about earlier this year,  you can view the full article at the link. But, for the story synopsis, here’s a quote from that article which details what the game is about.

Firewatch stars Henry, a man who is fed up with his hectic life and has decided to become a firewatch in the forested area of Wyoming, USA. Henry surveys on top of a mountain, ever watchful for smoke and other possible dangers. One particular summer has everyone on edge as the low humidity and high heat could lead to a disaster striking at any moment. Your only contact in the game is your supervisor, a woman named Delilah, who is available to contact you at all times via a small radio you carry. On this particularly hot summer, a strange presence draws you from the safety of the watchtower, into the unknown dangers of the wilderness. What mystery lies in wait is anyone’s guess.

Check out the beautiful first trailer for Firewatch just above in the featured image box and be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for more details on Firewatch as it becomes available. Currently Firewatch is only scheduled for release on PC in 2015.

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  1. This is looking and sounding wonderful. They made the mystery very intriguing in that it does not mention what is so iffy about the place, so it could be anything from a supernatural force to a human villain. Or not even those.

    Definitely on my list of games to check out, for that mystery alone. I also like the idea of being alone with a guiding voice. Many games use it and play with the friend/foe idea and identity of that voice, so that will just add to the mystery.

  2. This trailer has to be the most un-thrilling announcement trailer I have watched to date. The trailer tells you and shows you NOTHING of importance, Nothing to draw you in, EXCEPT for the mystery of a mystery. What is this inception? The supervisor (which I only now know because of this article (watched it on youtube first) ) Either had a failed date with this guy or this is going to turn out to be another Oblivion. I guess there could be a third were she knows something and is just telling me to stay there because of that.

    but really, there is nothing to pull you in. Nothing there to catch your attention. It falls short in so many ways. I won’t even get into how weird this guys hands and arms look.

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