If you call yourself a geek or even a nerd, chances are you’ve at least heard, if not been amazed by, Joss Whedon’s Firefly. Firefly, for those that don’t know, was very much a cult sci-fi TV series that only aired for one season and then had a movie sequel – Serenity.

Fans of Firefly have always clamored for a new series, just something extra to take them into that western space mythos and finally they may have an answer in terms of a Firefly game! Firefly Online launches for iOS and Android during 2014 summer period as announced by Fox at San Diego Comic Con. It’s being developed by Spark Plug Games and QMXi.

The game will allow you to build and customize your very own ship, hire a crew and do missions. The Online experience will come from trading with other players mainly and this will be a cross-platform function.

So far there has been no gameplay trailer but we do have a teaser that we hope will whet your Firefly appetite. So watch that below and stay shiny!


(Source: FireflyOnlineGame YouTube)


Fred Garret-Jones
It's great to finally be writing for a proper website with such a passion for story & single player campaign as there are some badass titles out there! Please check out & sub to my youtube for gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChivalrousGamers

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