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Nintendo has revealed new information on the upcoming downloadable content for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The upcoming DLC, ‘Cinder Shadows’, will introduce a new smaller house, Ashen Wolves, to the game and the new underground city of Abyss to explore.

Cinder Shadows is stand alone from the main story, using a separate save file, but the progress made will impact the main story.

The Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account revealed that, after completing the first chapter of the DLC, players will be able to explore Abyss, an underground city bellow Garreg Mach. The people of the hidden city have turned their backs on the people of the surface after they did the same to them.

After clearing the second chapter of the DLC, the four members that make up the Ashen Wolves will become recruitable. They will join the player on battles and partake in lectures. The game features a time skip, after which they will continue to be part of the team, showing how they have grown.

The four members are self-acclaimed students of a teacherless fourth house. Wanting to learn to be warriors and leaders like the other houses, they ask the player to be their teacher. The house is led by Yuri, a blunt and hard spoken individual but is deep down a kind person. The other three consist of Hapi, Balthus, and Constance making a team of two men and two women.

The DLC will release on February 12, 2020, and is part of the Season Pass.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was featured in OnlySP’s Single Player Memories of 2019 for the world-building and characters the game boasts.

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