This is not the first Final Fantasy XV trailer and it probably won’t be the last, but it certainly is the most impressive one so far in the audio and visual departments.

Square Enix continues to showcase a game that is all over the map stylistically. Is it fantasy? Is it Sci-fi? Futuristic, or in the past? It’s a mix-n-match, with what look like stylized vehicles from the 1950’s surrounded by knights in armor holding assault rifles. Architecture has the vague feel of older European streets, and later we’re shown what almost looks like a Roman coliseum or Parlimentary style building, but with futuristic, clean lines. I don’t know what it all means, but it sure looks stunning, and that’s not even mentioning the amazing characters. Eyes, hair and facial animations are all very high-quality.

The Final Fantasy XV trailer is looking to tell us a small story amongst all the visual an excellent music — with a hint of the classic Prelude even thrown in the mix. The tale is one of what seems to be family turmoil, eventually centered on a father and son. Some sort of danger looms and it’s inferred that the father will soon be gone. He sheds a tear while holding his boy, a child whom will soon be forced to lead.

It’s heavily cinematic and the quality is great. How it fits in with the full game will have to wait until more information is revealed. What we definitely don’t get with this trailer are a release date, and no taste of voice acting. Two lines of dialogue are uttered, but they are very quietly whispered into the son’s ear and sub-titled for the viewers benefit. This is probably an agonizing tease for hardcore FF fans who were looking for more from Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XV still has no official release date, but is scheduled to hit both the PS4 and Xbox One.

James Schumacher
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