It was briefly mentioned during the PlayStation 4 reveal in February and not much news has been seen since of the next Final Fantasy game. Today, we have a rumor that could reveal some news on the subject. Apparently, Square Enix and Sony could be co-developing Final Fantasy XV, which would formally have been Versus XIII and are in the works to make it a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Recent entries (Final Fantasy XI, XIII, XIII-2) in the storied franchise have made the jump multi-platform with releases on the Xbox 360 after being exclusive to PlayStation for so many years. There really is no confirmation of a source to this rumor and seems to be a rumor that you could take with a grain of salt if you will. Square Enix will be announcing more when E3 rolls by in June.

What do you guys think? Is Versus XIII still alive or do you think Square Enix will simply turn it into Final Fantasy XV? Sound off below!

Source: PSU

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