2016 is the year that Final Fantasy XV will actually release. For the past few years we’ve been drip-fed information about the JRPG from the massively popular franchise, and now we have some more juicy bits of information.

We already know the names of a couple of the cities in FFXV, namely Altissia and Insomnia, and Lead Planner at Square Enix Ishikawa Tomonori has revealed how interactive these settlements will be. Speaking specifically about Altissia he explains:

“Altissia has many and varied locations, such as multiple cafes, ship-bourne market places and parks etc. The city is of a considerable scale, to the extent that even the developers sometimes get lost there!

“The player is free to take a leisurely walk around the complex maze of streets, or ride the gondola to see the sights and there is also added enjoyment to be had looking for restaurants to visit! You are bound to encounter some unique characters when exploring the city streets”

Good news for the players among us that love to immerse themselves in a virtual world of possibilities. We’ve already seen the expanse of the open-world in Final Fantasy XV in their first demo ‘Episode Duscae’ and it now looks like the cities will be equally expansive and impressive.

Next up we have Lead Designer Takizawa Masashi speaking about the various difficulty settings in the game. This is something new to the flagship entries in the series so Masashi explains:

“The equivalent to difficulty level settings in FFXV is a system where you can switch between different battle modes. By having this ability to switch modes, we want to make it so that both players who like action oriented, technical gameplay and also those who want to fight at a slower, more relaxed pace can all enjoy the combat in their own style. This switching system is a key part of the gameplay that we decided to introduce based on the feedback we received from the Episode Duscae demo”

We won’t have difficulty modes in the traditional sense, such as ‘easy’ ‘normal’ and ‘hard’, but more varied options for combat to suit your style. Based on previous entries the need for ‘grinding’ enemies to level up enough to face a certain enemy will be a necessity so the switch in combat modes may be a welcome addition.


Finally, during the demo last year we had a glimpse of the ‘Warp’ function. This was used to quickly transport to a higher level to get a better view of surroundings, as well as putting it to good use in combat. Lead Level Designer Terada Takefumi let slip some very interesting information when talking about warping:

“The ability to use multiple warp points in a strategic manner is especially prevalent in the game’s large scale battles over urban terrain. It is not just the buildings though, and we have also created exciting aerial battles with flying foes and gigantic boss enemies, so watch out for those”

So it seems Noctis and co will take to the skies for some battles against ‘gigantic’ enemies. We’ve already seen the enormous summons (specifically Ramuh) in Episode Duscae and it looks like we’ll need them for some of the massive enemies.

The release date for Final Fantasy XV will be revealed in March, and to make sure you keep on top of all the information you need from the popular series, including any updates on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, keep tuned to OnlySP on Twitter and Facebook.


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