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Square Enix has ruled out a Final Fantasy XV DLC episode starring Ardyn Izunia, saying the team is looking for different avenues to tell the main villain’s story.

During a Final Fantasy fan event in Cologne, Germany, director Hajime Tabata said the team is unsure how to tackle Ardyn’s story, but assured his lengthy tale is not coming via DLC. “We’re not sure as of yet how we’ll do it though–it’s a lot of story, and telling a character’s story is always the most difficult and detailed part of a game,” Tabata told attendees. “So we don’t know yet whether we’ll make it another game, no DLC though, it would be a full game, or a movie, comic, etc. We really want to tell his story though.”

Ardyn was the most voted character for more story content in Square Enix’s survey, with heroine Lunafreya Nox Fleuret coming in second. Apparently, speaking to Polygon, Square Enix also has big plans for Luna. “First priority you want to see [in future DLC] is Luna?” Tabata said. “That’s something that I can agree with very well. I’ve also got incredible motivation to do that.”

While Iris Amicitia failed to reach the top spot in the survey, the team has plans for her. When asked if any plans are in place to show Iris during her time as a demon slayer in the World of Ruin, Tabata stated the team will try to add her in the ‘Comrades’ multiplayer expansion. “Well, actually we were planning on showing some of this in the ‘Comrades’ DLC, since, you know, it takes place at this very time,” Tabata said during the fan event. “However, we’re not sure about just how much we can manage to cram in there—it’s all very difficult still.”

Highlights and other notable tidbits can be found in the Tumblr page of Final Fantasy XV fan osahirao, who assisted in the event.

At present, Square Enix has yet to discuss content additions to Final Fantasy XV after 2017. Outside the multiplayer ‘Comrades’ DLC set for Fall 2017 and ‘Episode Ignis’ DLC scheduled for December 2017, Square Enix is working on a PC port and a Final Fantasy XV mobile edition, which features the full story with chibi-style graphics.

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