Final Fantasy VII Remake

“Dramatic changes” will be made to combat mechanics in the Final Fantasy VII remake, according to the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura.

Fans of the original title, no doubt, will be wary of this news, considering the widespread disdain for the revised ATB used throughout the Final Fantasy XIII sub-series, and the real-time battle system of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, but Nomura attempted to allay concerns by asserting that the team “want[s] to make sure it’s still recognisable”. Although some sources have inferred from the comments that the team intends to do away with the traditional ATB system, no evidence of that has been forthcoming. The only clarification offered by Nomura is that there is no intention to “chang[e] it into a shooter or something like that.”

Instead, inspiration for the changes to combat will be drawn from Advent Children, the film that acted as a sequel to the game. Whether this is an implicit confirmation of a real-time battle system, considering the high level of visual spectacle found in the movie, Nomura made no indication of. He did, however, clarify that the character models made for the film will not be recycled for use in the game, as the technology is different and almost ten years have passed since the film’s release.

The comments were made to Official PlayStation Magazine (via GamesRadar).

The Final Fantasy VII Remake has no expected release date, but is scheduled for PlayStation 4 exclusivity. Keep it tuned to OnlySP, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on this highly anticipated title, alongside news and commentary on all things in the single-player gaming world.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine (via GamesRadar)

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