Final Fantasy VII Remake

Xbox Germany’s announcement that Final Fantasy VII Remake was coming to Xbox One was an error says Microsoft.

The official Facebook account for the German Xbox department had released a surprising video earlier today. According to the deleted promo, Final Fantasy VII Remake would release on Xbox One on March 20, 2019. Coincidentally, that is the same day the title will launch on PlayStation 4.

While the video was taken down shortly afterwards, some Twitter users were able to grab screenshots. Maxi Graff, the marketing communications and social leader over at Xbox Germany, confirmed that the post was an “internal mistake.” She also clarified that Microsoft did not have an announcement of any kind to make about the game.

The mistake poses several questions about the future of the title. Will Final Fantasy VII Remake launch on the Xbox One at the same time as the PlayStation 4 version? While the game will likely come to other platforms, previous statements from Square Enix suggest it will be a timed exclusive for Sony’s console.

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