Final Fantasy VII

In a new job listing for the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has revealed that it is aiming to create “a game that exceeds the original,” as opposed to a simple 1:1 remake.

As pointed out by Gamekanda and translated by Nova Crystallis, the job listing is for a Battle Planner who will work with Business Division 1, the team behind PC and mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy, to help refine the remake’s combat system.

The translated listing reads, “As Battle Planner, you will be working on the game’s combat system which acts as a combination of commands and actions, with the added responsibility of designing enemies and bosses and setting up parameters of the game’s environments relative to the player’s growth.”

The most revelatory part of the listing regards the remake’s gameplay design, stating that the combat will be “a new Final Fantasy with action elements added to traditional strategy.” Square Enix appears to be doubling down on the action elements in Final Fantasy games, similarly to how Final Fantasy XV completely did away with turn-based design.

Square Enix goes on to say that the remake is “in a sense more challenging than creating new games,” which, for a title of the cultural and industry significance of Final Fantasy VII, must certainly be true.

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