Final Fantasy VII Remake

As another page in a story that has continued to change over the past few years, fans have now received full confirmation that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released episodically.

Square Enix has affirmed Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s episodic release plans in a press release that appeared on the company’s Japanese website. The statement was published briefly after the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer went live.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a full remake heading to PS4. Most of the original’s content is being reworked, and as such, the game will be in multiple parts. More information will be published this June, so stay tuned.”

Three years ago, OnlySP reported that Final Fantasy VII would be released as a “multi-part series.” In the months following, reports surfaced stating that this plan had changed or release would not be episodic “in the way everyone thought” (per Unilad), suggesting that each episode would be its own standalone title.

This news from Square Enix could explain why fans have yet to see any gameplay footage outside of Midgar, the game’s starting area—albeit a very large one. However, the “multiple parts” that Square Enix speaks of has still yet to be confirmed as interconnected, similar to how the original was released through multiple discs (due to size constraints), or separated through independent games.

This news from Square Enix has also raised questions from fans in relation to release consoles: Will later parts of the game extend, or be exclusive, to the PlayStation 5? OnlySP will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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