Though Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one since March 17 this year, the console price is still $49.99 at most retailers. Today the PC download version became available on Steam for $29.99, which blows the console price out of the water and actually gets even cheaper if you know where to look.

The UK-based PC gaming retailer Green Man Gaming has a 23% off deal cutting the price of FF Type-0 HD to $23.10. That’s the lowest price online currently from a digitally authorized retailer and it saves you almost seven bucks. A decent deal all things considered.

Note: The coupon code at GMG is good through this Friday and ends officially August 21st at 8 AM Pacific. The coupon works for most game sold at GMG.

Being a PSP port Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is locked at 30 frames per second on PC. That said, this isn’t a first-person shooter and it doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for most reviews on Steam. What you will get on PC is an upgraded graphics resolution, improvement in game battle camera, increased blood levels from the original PSP version, and a customizable dynamic screenshot mode.

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  1. i would never recommend this to anyone to be honest, its a very shoddy port

  2. Hopefully final fantasy 15 comes to pc. If these other games in the franchise are, why not 15?

    1. Most likely a good 1-2 years after its released, if it gets ported?

      1. Final Fantasy 15 is the only final fantasy game that I care about since it got rid of that boring turn based combat. 1 to 2 years is way to long.

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