Square Enix have today announced that Final Fantasy IX is following many of its predecessors in coming to PC and smartphones at some point in 2016.

The release will be a port as opposed to the remake treatment that Final Fantasy VII is receiving, but Square Enix have announced that the following features will be included:

“High-definition graphics, newly added achievements, auto-save, high speed mode, and several game boosting features.”

A trailer has also been made available, showing off the higher-res visuals as well as an overhaul of the battle menu.

A Western release wasn’t officially confirmed but we can only assume that one will arrive soon after, much like every other Final Fantasy game before it. After straying slightly from the classic Final Fantasy settings, characters, and storylines in FFVII and FFVIII, FFIX hearkened back to the classic JRPG games and is considered one of the finest and well-loved in the whole series because of it. But then, every entry is considered the greatest depending on who you ask.

You can catch the trailer below, and we’ll update you on any news of a release date as soon as we hear it.

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Rhys Cooper

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