Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix has revealed more footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay, this time showing off the fan-favorite squats minigame and an explanation of how Limit Breaks work.

For anyone unfamiliar with the original, Final Fantasy VII was filled with minigames that resonated very well with fans over the years. One of the most beloved, both for its simplicity and awkward nature, is a scene from Wall Market where Cloud and a gymgoer face off in a squatting competition.

Around a week ago, Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yushinori Kitsase explained why it was crucial to include the minigame in the remake.

“Since we announced the remake, a lot of fans have speculated as to how far we would go in reproducing the elements that made the original great,” Kitase said. “We put a lot of care and attention into the cutscenes. But the fans of the original also have strong memories of things like the squats, too. So even though they are just little minigames, the development team had a huge motivation to do them properly and remake them in a modern style.”

Days later, a video clip of Cloud doing squats and Tifa performing pull-ups was tweeted by the official Final Fantasy VII Remake account.

Just like the original, the squatting minigame appears to involve simple button-mashing. A pull-up minigame was not in Final Fantasy VII, though, so it is interesting to see that the remake is expanding on old ideas.

Additionally, a video showing Tifa performing her signature Limit Break was tweeted.

Activating a Limit Break in the remake sounds very similar to how it is performed in the original, and the video shows Tifa executing Somersault—probably her most iconic move (unless we count Deathblow).

Fan reception on Twitter seems to be truly appreciative of the developer’s attention to detail. Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to launch for PlayStation 4 in March 2020.

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