The Walking Dead Final Season_ _Take Us Back_ Trailer, Ep. 4 0-5 screenshot

Skybound Games has released the last trailer for the finale of the long-running The Walking Dead series.

The fourth and final episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, titled ‘Take Us Back’, looks to be an emotional one, if the latest trailer is any indication. Harrowing music accompanies glimpses of the characters in dire situations, leaving viewers to ponder the fate of Clementine and AJ. Check out the trailer below.

‘Take Us Back’ will release on 26 March for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The PC release is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, not unlike many other games over recent months.

Telltale Games shocked the industry when it laid off all staff in September, leaving the final two episodes of The Walking Dead, a series that began in 2012, unfinished. The following month, The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman’s company Skybound Games revealed that it would be completing the remainder of the game, which resumed in November with members of the original development team. The penultimate episode released in January.

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Rhain Radford-Burns
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