Bandai Namco has today detailed the final DLC expansion for Dark Souls III, as well as announcing that a complete edition of the game will be available later this year.

Called ‘The Ringed City’, the add-on will take place in a lost city at the end of the world, where the player character has followed the Slave Knight Gael (from the previous expansion, ‘Ashes of Ariandel’) in the search for the Soul of Humanity. The quest is promised to uncover more secrets of the world in which the game takes place.

The ruins amongst which this final adventure is set can be glimpsed in the trailer embedded below. Furthermore, in keeping with series tradition, this expansion will also introduce new characters, weapons, armour sets, and bosses, some of which can be also be seen in the footage.

‘The Ringed City’ will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 28, free for Season Pass owners or $14.99 USD on its own.

Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition, meanwhile, will pack together the base game, ‘Ashes of Ariandel’, and ‘The Ringed City’. So far, this complete edition has only been confirmed for release in Japan and Europe, on April 20 and April 21, respectively.

OnlySP’s Gareth Newnham reviewed Dark Souls III last year, awarding in 8.3/10, praising it as “a greatest hits compilation of ideas and systems with plenty of interesting new twists thrown in.”

The developers at From Software have previously hinted that Dark Souls III will be the last game in the notoriously masochistic franchise, though their next project has not yet been announced.  Whatever it turns out to be, one hopes it retains the singular brilliance trail-blazing potential that has characterised the Souls series.

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