Artificial Extinction

100Hr Games has announced the release date of its sci-fi, action-adventure game Artificial Extinction.

In a recent blog post on Steam, the developer announced that the game will be released on March 13, 2020, and the latest gameplay video that demonstrates the player hacking an enemy spider-looking tank (embedded below).

The studio explained that hacking is a skill that can be picked up upon reaching level two: “the ability to be able to hack an enemy tank and have it attack [its] own kind which then sparks a battle between themselves.”

Responding to a YouTube comment, the studio said that it would like to expand on developing “Enemy classes, weaponry, progressive [and] Sentry upgrades.” The developer has stated that it will continue to improve the game after launch.

Additionally, 100Hr Games announced that it will be releasing footage highlighting the technology exploited by opponents against players.

The developer also discussed the impressive game aesthetics:

One of the coolest visuals in the game I think are the anti-aircraft mini guns winding up and trying to take out incoming surface to surface missiles.

Commenting on the gun gameplay tactics, the studio revealed that an anti-aircraft turret will offer little resistance to enemy aircraft. However, players can place up to five AA turrets which will be far more effective. Even so, this firepower will not necessarily achieve total annihilation which alludes to how difficult and challenging the game will be.

According to the game’s Steam page, the narrative design encompasses a time frame of just nine days and will focus on players finding a safe planet to inhabit.

According to 100Hr, Artificial Extinction was influenced by real-world scientific and political issues. Presently, scientists are designing complex technology in the form of AI and Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS). The provocative indie showcases the potential destructive result of the continual churn out of these technologies. Therefore, the studio has opted for a futuristic, sci-fi environment that reflects modern fears and themes including “AI Murder Policy debate and military’s implementing robotics and drones on today’s battlefield.”

Artificial Extinction is set to release for PC via Steam on March 13, 2020. Whilst the title has not received an official price, 100Hr has stated it will likely be less than USD$20.

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