Wasteland 3, by inXile Entertainment, has begun funding on crowdfunding website Fig.

Wasteland 3 is a turn-based tactical RPG set in the post-apocalypse, although a lot has changed since the prior game. The first noticeable change is rather than strolling around the desert, kicking up sand with each step, you will be exploring the frozen wastes of Colorado. There is also a change in your position as instead of simply sliding your feet into the role of a Desert Ranger, a law enforcer, you will be creating your own branch of law and order from absolute scratch.

In keeping with what has been done before, choices will be aplenty as you solve situations that arise however you wish with consequences of differing sizes. One significant change is the use of a new dialog tree system, currently being used in inXile’s other game in development Torment: Tides of Numenera. If you decide to play with a friend in either synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer, your choices will also affect your friend’s experience by opening or closing opportunities.

As well as this, the gameplay will be getting it’s own twist. Building upon Wasteland 2‘s turn-based gameplay, there will also be the inclusion of vehicles, group-abilities and environmental dangers. There is also promise of “evolving on Wasteland 2’s deep tactical turn-based combat and unique encounter design”, although there is no current word of what this could mean.

Usually, I’d hand-wave it off as a gutsy bold proposal with the ring of “too good to be true”. However, their other products have been and are looking to be of high quality. Wasteland 2 (a 2014 sequel to the 1988 title Wasteland), while very rough around the edges, was a solid romp through the deserts. Meanwhile Torment: Tides of Numenera (spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment) is shaping up to be a deep reactive fantasy RPG exploring the burning question: “What does one life matter?”. Safe to say, it seems to be in very study good hands.

Wasteland 3 is looking for $2,750,000. Something of a hefty goal, although they’ve already reached 90% of it within two days. If it gets funding, it plans for a simultaneous release on Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One (with console copies costing more). Naturally, no planned release date yet.

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