EA Sports has announced that any progress made by players when playing FIFA 14 on current generation consoles will carry over to next-gen consoles if the player decides to upgrade. There is a slight catch in that the progress will only transfer if they player upgrades to the next-gen version of their current system, so anyone who has decided to change their choice of console manufacturer is out of luck. The auction market will continue the cross-platform theme, having separate ones for Xbox and Playstation, but including both current gen and next gen consoles in the same market.

The progress transfer will include Ultimate Team Rosters, Seasons mode progress, In Game Items as well as the in game ‘Coin’ currency. Players will also have a one time chance to transfer any FIFA points from their current-gen console to their new one.

FIFA 14 aims to expand on the Ultimate Team game mode by adding new ‘Chemistry Styles’. Players can apply these to members of their squad to help them to mesh better with the team’s play style. These can be found in various packs, and will be tradable via the Market.

The game is set to be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 24th of September. Check back soon for all the latest FIFA 14 news here at OnlySP.

Source: EA Press Room

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