Despite fears to the contrary, Fear Effect Reinvented, the remake of 1999’s cult action adventure Fear Effect, is still alive and well.

Fans of Fear Effect were excited when, last year, news broke that a remake of the title was in development by French indie game company Sushee. Reinvented was a part of a dual announcement along with Fear Effect Sedna, a brand-new game in the Fear Effect universe that launches on March 6. Sedna looks to expand on the story of the original series, whilst offering a new style of gameplay.

Sushee was quiet on details following the remake’s announcement, which made fans and backers particularly anxious about the state of the project. Thankfully, Sushee recently tweeted that the remake is still being developed and provided some concept art of a character playing Sedna: 

No other details followed the tweet, however, which may still be concerning for some fans. Once the Sedna release is all wrapped up, Sushee should have more time to devote to Reinvented. 

Reinvented was featured in OnlySP’s list of Seven Classics and Fan Favourites Getting the Remaster Treatment earlier this month, which detailed upcoming titles that fit into this decade’s obsession with remasters and re-interpretations.

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Ben Newman

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