Farpoint throws its characters into the deep end in the latest trailer for Sony’s sci-fi VR shooter.

Stranded on an alien world and facing overwhelming odds, players will navigate to freedom, uncovering the planet’s secrets while clawing for survival against vicious enemies. If the latest reveal is anything to bank on, Farpoint will also be one of the best-looking games available exclusively on PSVR.  

Developed by SIEA and Impulse Studios, Farpoint is a story-driven adventure-FPS that follows a group of astronauts as they crash-land on an extraterrestrial world. The game’s atmosphere seethes with a sense of mystery that promises to be unveiled through the characters’ shared quest to escape from the hostile world.

The planet appears home, or colony, to a precursor race either alien or humanoid in origin, as the trailer (embedded below) shows habitat structures and other buildings along with the presence of machines, which could postulate the existence of a creator race.

Farpoint has officially gone gold, meaning that the game is now complete and ready for its release on May 17, 2017. The title will require a Playstation VR headset to play and will support the new PSVR Aim Controller, which is being bundled with Farpoint at all major retailers and online.

Founded in 2013, Impulse Studios is made up of ‘AAA’ developers with over forty years cumulative experience with EA and Sony Entertainment Europe.

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