Far Cry

A modder has discovered early alien and dinosaur concept art and models for 2004’s Far Cry, alongside a library other bits and pieces that were cut from the game.

The modder, who goes by the handle Changeroftheways, unearthed a tome of concept art, including an unused factory level and a defensive commander NPC. Most interestingly, though, is the inclusion of dinosaur and alien concept art, which would have changed Far Cry‘s feral-based art direction and narrative significantly.

The models seemed close to completion, too. What altered Crytek’s design goal is unknown, but the topsy-turvy nature of the Far Cry series appears to have been there since the start. To see the full list of uncovered oddities, check out the Mod Db page. The modder has promised to discover more about the project, lending a bit of light on a video game that is oft forgotten.

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Ben Newman

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