Ubisoft has only just released Far Cry 4, but that isn’t stopping them from polling members of its community about what’s next for the Far Cry franchise.

In a new report from Eurogamer, several of its readers have reported to them that Ubisoft has recently sent out a poll requesting feedback from the participants regarding the next Far Cry’s choice of location and theme. Among these choices, includes locations like Alaska, Peru, some planet in outer space or even The Vietnam War. As for themes, and you’ll like the sound of many of these, they include a Jurassic Park like setting, a Mad Max like post apocalyptic world, zombies, vampires and a 19th century Western.

There’s also a certain mention for fans interest in Blood Dragon 2, so hopefully Ubisoft gets some good feedback from that and replicates the original’s success.

Ubisoft uses these polls quite often for their Assassin’s Creed games, so there is some merit to at least one of these ideas being used in the next Far Cry game which is exciting to think about. Personally, I’d enjoy a Far Cry game set in a Western theme.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. Blood Dragon was one of the best things Ubi has done in quite awhile. Both parody and homage, it was a ton of fun. While FC4 is good so far (haven’t finished) it’s just more of FC3. I think they need to switch up there formula a bit, and it will probably take more than a setting change to make it worthwhile.

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