In a new interview with Gameinformer the creative director of Far Cry 4, Alex Hutchinson, revealed some new details about the game which were then rounded up on NeoGAF.

An all important question was answered by Hutchinson regarding the size of the game world. Just how big is it? Well, according to Hutchinson, the world of Far Cry 4 is comparable in size to that of Far Cry 3, but due to the layout of the game and its mountainous region it’s much more dense.

Basically, what he means by dense is that there won’t be a bunch of filler land just for there to be extra game space, which I think is a good move on the developers part to keep players interested in the world and looking for all the secrets it holds.

While not currently in the game, Hutchinson did talk about the possibility of some type of “hardcore” mode if players were interested in it. This hardcore mode would implement a whole new survivor element to the game that would add a whole new realm of realism. The ideas talked about in the podcast involved getting hypothermia in cold water, diseases from animal bites, permadeath and so on. Hutchinson had also originally asked his team what they apparently thought about using poop on arrows to poison enemies, but that idea was turned down.

Some other cool gameplay features include the ability to turn off the game’s HUD for a more cinematic feel when you record your gameplay, or if you just want that extra level of immersion. You also have the ability to throw grenades through car windows while you’re driving, use fire as a weapon again and at some points during your journey you’ll need oxygen at high altitudes.

On the narrative side of things, there will be multiple endings, but they won’t be a clear choice and most likely will be affected by your actions throughout the game. Once you beat the game, if you want to reset the enemy outposts you can, and this time there will be a narrative reason behind it according to Hutchinson. You can even pick which faction you’d like to fight with which will also affect the narrative in some way or another.

Far Cry 4 looked great at the E3 press conference and we can’t wait to see more of the game come this November. Be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest details on Far Cry 4 and other upcoming single player experiences.


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  1. I hope they keep Hutchinson and Thompson for the next Far Cry, I love their ideas and design philosophies. :P

  2. Really like the survival idea, far cry 3 imo was great and I loved it, but after playing it for a week or so I found aspects stupid, like; I really enjoyed the animal hunting it was a fun minigame, but the problem was you hunt then make everything and GG, no need to hunt for food, or to remake gear becuz its warnout or anything, a survival mode would be perfect for me.

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