According to verified sources at Eurogamer, Far Cry 4 is indeed set in the Himalayas and will release in the first half of 2015.

Far Cry 4 was recently rumored to be set in the Himalayan Mountains by internet sleuth Superannuation who, more often then not, it spot on with his findings. According to the sources at Eurogamer, the fourth installment in the open world FPS adventure series will take place in the Himalayas and be revealed at this year’s E3.  As you can probably already guess, the game will be on the Xbox One and PS4.  No PS3 or Xbox 360 versions mentioned in Eurogamer’s post.

A new interesting gameplay element mentioned was the ability to saddle up and ride elephants, pointing towards more options for transportation in the latest installment. The game will be set up in a familiar fashion to Far Cry 3, however, with outposts and hunting returning among other features. However, Eurogamer speculates there will be a number of different environments in the game which we would tend to agree with given the variability of climate surrounding the Himalayas.

This year’s E3 continues to get more and more exciting. Let us know what you think about the next Far Cry game in the comments and what you hope to see!


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  1. I hope this time the game isn’t written by someone who hates and despises action/shooter games and believes gamers neglect their family, friends and real life to play them.

    1. Lemme explain myself. If my reading comprehension is any worth, all I know¹ is: Far Cry 3 lead writer Jeff Yohalem intent was to satirize the current state of the AAA games and to give a wake-up call to gamers who neglects their lives to play “dumb” games (repetitive fetch missions, shoot hordes of enemies), sometimes for hours on end for no good reason, prioritizing gaming over responsabilities and social life. Also to make people think of enjoying the insensitive and excessive violence.

      Now, I agree with him, but after Far Cry 2, I was expecting the sequel to follow and improve the formula, to make something Watch Dogs ² is doing (and Dishonored did to some extent): the possibility to play without killing, reactive and non-faceless NPCs, “morality” and reputation systems…

      I want my games to be more meaningful, to allow me to express myself, to react to the way I play, NOT force me to gun down five boars to skin them afterwards so I can keep playing the story and stupid shit like that.

      Instead we got more of the same, in the form of a half-assed and incoherent satire, which almost no one got (Jeff and team are to blame) or didn’t give a fuck. Funny thing is: Blood Dragon exists. Speaking of coherence…

      ¹ (based on some tweets and interviews and the game itself)
      ² (no wonder, Jonathan Morin, Dominic Guay, Kevin Shortt and a bunch of programmers worked on Far Cry 2.)

      1. Speaking of coherence… my rant got none. :)

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