Today, it’s almost impossible to go walk into any store that sells video games without finding at least a dozen first person shooters. Unfortunately, we hardly ever see an engaging story, player choice or so on. Now, that is not to say there aren’t exceptions. Recently I finally got a computer powerful enough to run The Darkness II. I went in expecting to play a game that was all about ripping the hell out of my enemies and the story taking a backseat to the action. Well, the story in my opinion wasn’t the best around, I’ll admit that much, but the characters and their interaction with eachother in that game amazed me. Other games show relationships etc, but The Darkness II proved to me that it can be done correctly in a first person view. This really excited me because I thought of all the possibilites for future first person shooters focusing on character, namely Far Cry 3.

Look at Vass, Far Cry 3’s antagonist, for example. The first trailer we saw of him left the gaming community talking about this one quote. “Did I ever tell you the definition…of insanity?” Something about that quote made every gamer I know start talking. It surprised me at first, but then I realized, that one quote, just defined Vaas as a character in the game. Everything I’ve seen since that trailer about Far Cry 3 has left me excited. The most recent trailer, released today, has received some backlash for it being “too” similar to Uncharted. I’ll admit, when I was watching I thought of Uncharted 3, but I was more excited than anything to see a first person shooter taking cues from Uncharted. We see Lisa for the first time in the trailer and even though we only get a few glimpses of her, I can already tell she’s going to be a great character. If anything, that’s what I believe Far Cry 3 is doing right…the characters. Every major character we’ve seen has their own distinct personality. Heck, even Jason, the protagonist, has his own personality. As you probably noticed in the trailer, he’s taking some influence from Nathan Drake by making jokes when he’s in a dangerous situation, but who cares? As far as I’m concerned, any character influenced by Nathan Drake will be an interesting one.

I’m excited for Far Cry 3 and that’s a fact. I’m excited for an open world experience with a good action storyline. I’m excited for a first person shooter that puts a strong focus on character development and interaction. There may be a few scripted events here and there, some may complain and say the game is trying to copy Uncharted 3 in some ways, and some even say Ubisoft is lazy and just making a “copy-paste” shooter. Well let me ask you this, what game in this industry isn’t influenced by another game?

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

Far Cry 3 – Escape with Lisa Gameplay Video

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  1. Very well written article Nick Calandra. A friend of mine told me about Far Cry 3, I wrote it off because I wasn't expecting quality. Then I watched a trailer the Ransom trailer and the burning building trailer. 

    The first thing I thought was, the main character has got a personality. The interaction between Lisa and the 'bad guy' interrogating her in the ransom trailer caught me by surprise. Great Acting, it looks like far cry 3 may be the best in the series. It will probably be my first Far Cry. 

     Well let me ask you this, what game in this industry isn’t influenced by another game? 

    Exactly, so much negativity in the industry especially from gamers it's become ridiculous. 

  2. The exact opposite actually they made the game more scripted and the whole thing was underwelming, you cant make someone sidestep on a ledge on a fps with terrible fov.

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