Some of the digital features that were initially announced for the Xbox One never made it to the final release do the backlash following the consoles reveal. Some of the backlash was warranted, especially the 24 hour check in part, but other “next-gen” features were also cut and sent back to the development pipeline to figure out how to better incorporate them into the system. Family sharing was one of those next-gen features.

In a new interview with Gamertag Radio, Phil Spencer talked in detail about the family sharing plan, the reception to it and what problems that the development team is currently facing with it. Phil Spencer said, “We looked at the digital features that we talked about last year, and yeah, as a gamer there are a lot of those features that really resonated. They were smart features for people who have a lot of games and maybe play on a couple consoles and have a bunch of people in the house and want to share with friends. As I look at our monthly update roadmaps and other things, those kind of features are in our roadmap.”

He continued on to talk about the DRM features of the Xbox One and how that was affecting development saying, “There’s a little bit of a challenge that you have DRM on the disk and how does that game play… We got hung up last year on kinda the enabling features, around when it has to connect to the internet and all of that, when in the end the feature that we really cared about, that people are like “I’ve got this collection of content that I can do family sharing, I can share with my friends…” There are a bunch of things we have ideas about. I haven’t given up on those ideas. There is some complexity now that you’ve got disks around that, you have DRM that you have to figure out, but it’s definitely part of our map with the overall product.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft goes about reintroducing some of these features to the Xbox One. Hopefully, this time, they can communicate better on what these features are and do. Maybe then, people will be more into a digital future. Let us know your thoughts on these features returning to the Xbox One in the comments and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest gaming updates.

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