Fallout 76

Further details have been revealed for Fallout 76 at Bethesda’s E3 conference, confirming that the project has a strong online component.

Todd Howard, who hosted the Fallout segment, stated that the title can be enjoy “solo”, but the “easiest way to enjoy the game is with others.” Single-players, then, will have a complete, but more difficult experience.

Describing the game as “softcore survival,” Howard went on to explain that 76 will have a bigger focus on survival aspects, with multiplayer involving “dozens” of other people. Howard went on to explain that Bethesda is ensuring that the number of people players can play online with suits the lore of Fallout, prioritising co-operative play over a massively-multiplayer approach.

Howard was also quick to reiterate that Bethesda enjoys the solo aspect of its content. 76, then, much like Anthem, is simultaneously selling itself as a single and multi-player experience.

76 will take place 25 years after the bombs fall on Reclamation day, a celebration of America’s tercentenary. Howard stated that the game will feature new rendering, lighting, and landscape technology, allowing Bethesda to utilise dynamic and distant weather system.

The popular settlement system will mainly be used for multiplayer and online play, where groups of players can attain nuclear codes to destroy other people’s settlements for loot and rewards. How this system will work in single-player remains unclear.

Players will follow a quest given by their overseer which will take them into six regions, each with their own style and rewards. Each zone, however, will be strongly entrenched in the folklore of West Virginia, with enemy designs and lore borrowing heavily from that area’s mythos.

76 will have dedicated servers, with Bethesda extending support “for years to come.” A beta will be available soon, requiring players to fill in a Break-It Early Application Test.

The trailer, which will be embedded below soon, contains further details for Bethesda’s first attempt at games as a service:

Fallout 76 will be launching on November 14, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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