Fallout 4: New Vegas, a total New Vegas conversion mod set in 4‘s engine, has received a 10-minute gameplay trailer that has staggering attention to detail.

The showcase, embedded below, recreates the opening minutes of New Vegas, where players go through the rudimentary stages of character creation with Doc Mitchell. All of the assets are drawn out of Fallout 4, the updated character models and landscape fidelity of which look great in the Mojave sun.

What stands out, even though the teaser only takes place in a small house, is the degree of accuracy in the mod team’s transference, with each small idiosyncrasy of New Vegas captured in Bethesda’s Creation engine.  The only issue potential fans seem to have is from 4‘s relatively poorer animation quality, which is considered a significant failing in Bethesda’s updated engine.

The mod also features a completely new voice cast, with Doc Mitchell’s actor, Dominic James, doing an excellent job at recreating the famous doc’s raspy croon. Fallout 4: New Vegas will also contain cut content from the original New Vegas release, ensuring even the most ardent fans can find something new here.

No release date has been revealed as of yet, but the conversion is looking to be a herculean effort for the small team, so estimations are up in the air. For more, be sure to check out OnlySP’s list of the best upcoming Fallout mods for single players, and follow the site on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

Ben Newman

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