Update 3/21: 25% off coupon dead. New 23% off code replaces below.

Today, March 11th marks the debut of the 2016 Hitman and as usual the game is going to run you the standard sixty bucks. Well, unless you’re a PC gamer, there’s a way to go cheap.

This week GMG launched a new coupon code for Hitman cutting the price to $45. GMG is a fully authorized retailer by Square Enix, so you don’t need to worry like buying from a shady grey market key seller.

Unlike other titles in the Hitman franchise, this one is episodic, and you can break up the purchases by buying the Intro Pack and getting episode 1 (the only content available on day 1) for $15. The same discount applies at GMG, dropping the Intro pack to $11.25.

The coupon code runs through Monday, March 14th at 9AM Pacific. The code is specific to Hitman and only two other upcoming releases: WWE 2K15 and Need for Speed. Otherwise the code will not work for other games at GMG.

Monetary wise, is there a difference buying either the Full Experience or the Intro Pack? Yes. There will be a total of 7 episodes and 6 locations (France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, USA, and Japan). The first Intro pack will cost $15 and the remaining five DLC will be $10 a piece making the Full Experience $15 cheaper if you pay full price for each separately DLC.

Taking advantage of today’s 25% discount you’ll pay $45 for everything Hitman and assuming each DLC gets a similar 25% discount (which is highly unlikely) you’ll end up paying $56.25 ($11.25 more).

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