Exzore The Rising

Exzore: The Rising, an ambitious medieval open-world action hack-and-slash RPG with branching stories, has officially launched a crowdfuncing campaign on Kickstarter.

Developed by 14-person team Tiny Shark Interactive, Exzore: The Rising is a third-person game that promises a living, breathing world with nonlinear quests where each decision affects the game’s narrative. The game stars Damien Clive, a master Exzore (elite army unit) who lost everything after failing to protect his king from an ambush orchestrated by his own men. Clive seeks to take vengeance with the help of his fellow banished Exzores and the various factions within the world.

The game has four factions players can ally with and each mission is designed to alter protagonist Damien Clive’s affinity with them. Also, similarly to The Witcher 3, missions have alternate paths and can be completed in different ways.

Exzore: The Rising features simple hack-and-slash gameplay with six equippable mechanical gadgets that can be changed at any time. A total of 24 gadgets have already been designed, with more planned, including a deadly bolt and a grappling hook-like device that can pull in objects and enemies. The game also seems to feature level scaling, as enemies get smarter and stronger as Clive levels up.

In addition to skill trees for Clive’s one-handed and dual-handed weapon prowess, the game allows players to improve his medieval gadgets and trustworthy eagle that can scout and attack enemies.

Making the RPG unique is its module crafting, which allows players to mix and match different equipment parts to create unique weapons and armor. At present, only the weapon’s blade, hilt, and crossguard can be changed, but weapon module slots will be increased from three to six if the game reaches its £100,000 stretch goal. The stretch goal is currently capped to $175,000, which brings motion capture performance for in-game animations and cinematics.

The game’s open-world is composed of four regions: a politically-rotten city, swamp, thick jungle, and a snowy area. Citizens within these regions will have their lives affected by a complex ecosystem and dynamic seasons, as well as player actions.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until September 18 this year, with a goal to reach £50,000, which only covers 10 percent of the game’s development cost. Development is being funded by a private investor, though the team resorted to Kickstarter in a bid for more creative freedom. Exzore: The Rising is developer Tiny Shark Interactive’s first game, but its team has worked on various indie and AAA games.

Exzore: The Rising is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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