The upcoming giant-killing action-adventure game Extinction has received a debut gameplay trailer, commentated by the title’s executive producer, Derek Neal.

As mentioned in the project’s initial announcement, Extinction is set in a fantasy world where a race of giant ogres called the Ravenii are attempting to eradicate humanity. The game was touted as being a fast-paced action game with a high degree of verticality, and today’s demonstration bears out these initial claims.

Players will take the role of Avil, the last of an ancient order called the Sentinels who are singularly capable of killing the Ravenii as a result of their heightened athleticism and strength. The demo shows off Avil’s skills in combat against both the ogres and their normal-sized minions. Against the lesser foes, the game resembles Devil May Cry through the inclusion of complex, fast-paced melee-action mechanics, being lent an intriguing sense of style thanks to the flat-colour aesthetic.

When battling the Ravenii, on the other hand, Avil’s powerful traversal methods of double-jumping, wall-running, gliding, and grappling prove more useful, as he must scale the enemies to shatter their armour segments before being able to dismember limbs. The demo shows off battles against two separate Ravenii, and although the structure of both battles is similar, the differing armour and strength level of the ogres does offer some minor changes to gameplay:

During the demo, Neal also mentions that the game’s world is entirely destructible, which should make for some spectacular sequences. Extinction is being touted as a single player-only adventure, offering both a main story campaign and an array of side missions that will grant players a range of additional equipment and abilities to alter the gameplay further.

The game is currently targeting a 2018 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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