If you’ve ever created a fortress in your backyard for your Autobots to live in, or have ever gotten into a heated debate between G1 and Beast Wars, you’ll probably be excited by this new trailer for High Moon Studios’ upcoming title Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

The game is billed as a sequel to 2010’s well received War for Cybetron, and the trailer showcases some cool new Cybetronian city designs, transformers beating the circuits out of each other,  as well as some spaceship battles. There’s even a homage to the classic scene from the 80’s Transformers flick wherein an Autobot ship is ambushed and hijacked by Decepticons. All of this is complemented by some now overused Dubstep music, but considering the mechanical nature of the source material, it actually fits quite well as a backdrop for the action.

Transform and roll out to the trailer below.


Michael Urban
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  2. That game was son awesome I loved playing it!

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