Peace. Solitude. The Great Outdoors. Firewatch is an ambitious upcoming debut from the small videogame studio, Campo Santo and promises a first-person single-player mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness. But just what is this game about?

Firewatch stars Henry, a man who is fed up with his hectic life and has decided to become a firewatch in the forested area of Wyoming, USA. Henry surveys on top of a mountain, ever watchful for smoke and other possible dangers. One particular summer has everyone on edge as the low humidity and high heat could lead to a disaster striking at any moment. Your only contact in the game is your supervisor, a woman named Delilah, who is available to contact you at all times via a small radio you carry. On this particularly hot summer, a strange presence draws you from the safety of the watchtower, into the unknown dangers of the wilderness. What mystery lies in wait is anyone’s guess.

While the premise for the game sounds interesting, it’s the hard working team at Campo Santo that makes this game one to watch. Boasting a solid team whose members have credits on The Walking Dead, Brütal Legend and Mark of The Ninja as well having worked with other studios like Studio Ghibli, Lucasfilm and Sony, the experience the team has more than speaks for itself and could certainly lead to a project that sparks interest.

At the current moment, Firewatch does not have a set release date but the team says they’d “love for it to come out in 2015”. With regards to platforms the game will feature on, Campo Santo is focusing on Mac, Windows and Linux but they’d love to have the game on as many platforms as possible. The game will utilize Unity engine and will have a lot of add ons from the community. You can follow the progress of the game right here at the Campo Santo blog.

We’re planning to keep a very close eye on Firewatch. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates on this title.

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