Come Over Gaming is one of the latest developers to throw its hat into the VR horror ring, debuting its first project, DreamBack VR, with a teaser trailer recently.

The footage (embedded below) reveals little about the project beyond its thick atmosphere; the protagonist explores a darkened mansion with the aid of a torch, while at least a small amount of environmental interaction is evident from the unlocking of a door. The developer has also announced that doors, interactive notes, and puzzle parts will be implemented in the game.

DreamBack is set in the United Kingdom on a night in 1992 and has players making their way through the Rickfford Mansion, which is home to deep secrets.

To aid immersion, Come Over Gaming is employing binaural recording for the audio experience. Few other details about the project have been revealed so far.

DreamBack is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and is targeting a release at some point later this year, exclusively for Steam.

Come Over Gaming was founded in 2014, with lead developer Eneko Celayeta previously having 12 years of experience in hardware and software development in the motorsport simulation industry.

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Damien Lawardorn
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