Welcome to the second and final part of our two part interview with Global Communications Manager, Huw Beynon. We hope you enjoy the interview and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest Metro: Last Light details and news.

ONLYSP: Will the Metro series continue on after Last Light?

BEYNON: Dmitry continues to add to the Metro universe with more fiction – will there be another game?  We’ve not thought that far ahead!

ONLYSP: Have you ever thought about making the game into an open world experience?

BEYNON: There’s probably a great open-world game set in the world of Metro waiting to be made, but 4A’s ambition has always been to make a tightly focused, story driven experience.

ONLYSP: Do you ever plan to bring Metro 2033 to the PS3 so those players can experience the first game, or are you just going to include some sort of previous events video?

BEYNON: It’s a great idea, but all our focus is on Metro: Last Light. We’ll include a re-cap of previous events in all versions, but the story of Last Light is a true stand-alone, and you won’t need to have played Metro 2033 or understand the story to enjoy the sequel.

ONLYSP: What were some of the biggest complaints you noticed when looking over the reviews for 2033, and how will you address them?

BEYNON: As mentioned above, the biggest issues we focused on were AI, stealth and also the core shooting experience. We think we’ve radically improved these areas, and we think our E3 demo last year really showed this.

ONLYSP: Since Only Single Player covers, well what the name says, where do you think the single player experience is headed?

BEYNON: The single player experience is far from dead. I think there will always be a demand for strong single player experiences, and with games like Dishonoured and Bioshock: Infinite on the horizon in the FPS genre, not to mention The Last of Us, Hitman and Tomb Raider, it looks like the single player fan will be well catered for with a huge variety of quality games, for the next year at least.

ONLYSP: What has been your favorite part about developing the Metro series?

BEYNON: Creating a rich, living world that players will hopefully remember for years to come.

ONLYSP: The fans, including us here at Only SP are amazed at the uniqueness of the environment of the game and how it literally feels like you’re in the apocalypse, compared to other games like Fallout. Where does the inspiration come from for those environments?

BEYNON: Most post-apocalyptic games are developed in the West, and take their inspiration from an established set of familiar cultural reference points. Metro was born in the East, where post-soviet realism smashes against a rich tradition of mysticism and folklore to create a unique mix. The legacy of decades of Soviet rule, and the specific event that was Chernobyl continue to cast a long shadow.

ONLYSP: How involved has Dimitry Glukhovsky been with the story? Or is 4A handling the reigns this time around.

BEYNON: We’ve worked extremely closely with Dmitry – he contributed the overall plotline and continues to assist with story design and dialogue. I’d say his involvement is as strong as it was on Metro 2033.

ONLYSP: Will scripted moments play a prominent role in Metro Last Light as they did in 2033? Not to say it’s a bad thing considering how well done they were and not over abundant. Some gamers just want control 100% of the time.

BEYNON: Well ‘Scripted’ doesn’t have to mean taking control away from the player – the instances we do take control away are very infrequent, but they help us deliver moment sand experiences that would not possible otherwise.

ONLYSP: Now that you’ve had more time to develop on the Wii U, is it a system that feels “Next-Gen” or is it the Wii finally catching up with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of graphical quality?

BEYNON: We can’t talk about Wii U specs I’m afraid! We’ve actually put development for Wii U on hold and are focused on current HD systems (PC, PS3, 360). We’re a small studio, and we were concerned that trying to bring Metro to Wii U in the same timeframe as PC, 360 and PS3 could result in a sub-par version, as well as compromise our commitment to quality on these existing platforms. A Wii U version is not off the table, and it’s something we’ll revisit one we’ve shipped the game.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. super interview!!! tnx

  2. Great interview Nick. I plan on starting my playthrough of Metro 2033 this week. I would do it tonight but Sony has given me some big games to download thanks to Plus.

  3. I cant wait for it, though I would like to have metro a little bit more Open World. You know not completely but just like exploring the stations more detailed, making some minor decisions in the Game and seeing the results (like saving a person or not, or like starting a riot in a station or not, or following the one guy or the other, or maybe having the choice to take 2 different ways from point A to B). Also traveling to an other station and making some side-quests befor going on with the main story. In 2033 there was a Story (the one written by Glukhovsky) but now it would be cool to just experience a little bot more of the stations then in 2033. Not as much that it is a RPG or even an open world game but enough to give you some atmosphere and depth.

  4. I agree with Dex. I personally believe that the Metro series would not benefit from an entirely open world experience similar to Skyrim and Fallout. Metro would benefit from keeping you on the right track to keep the story going, but giving you more freedom on when you want to follow that track, what you want to do in between, and how you want to go about getting to your destination. Do you want to go above ground and face the horrifying nosalis, or stealthily slip past a Reich blockade?
    I feel like there are so many ways A4 can polish and perfect their experience, but making Metro entirely open world is not one of them. As long as Metro keeps doing what its been doing: Providing a very in depth, atmospheric, and immersive environment while making you really feel like you’re in the Metro, pressed to keep playing and find out what happens next. Please, as a die-hard Metro fan, do not let the series end at Last Light. Keep improving on what you have, maybe test out some different things. Prove to the people who have given Metro poor reviews because of AI and hand-holding that they’re wrong. Because some people call them game reviewers, but Bourbon calls them beetches.

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